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Wow! An interesting read. I certainly see a lot of people will relate to a lot of this, even me to some parts of it.

I think it’s a good insight into why you have made certain decisions in your life and how it’s brought you to where you are now.

Well, I think it’s really good and you should be extremely proud of yourself – Well done!


Book review

Thanks for the book. I split up with my alcoholic girlfriend last week for the x’th time in recent months and literally drew a line under it – time to start afresh.

We’ve got a 2-year-old daughter which is also hard to decide to break up from, but after opening Suna’s book only yesterday, it made me realise I’m not here to save anyone but myself first and in time, our relationship is worth the fight… as long as we address things properly.

That came from reading Suna’s book alone and it’s set me up from a different place to make things work without destruction.


Book review

This book came at the right time for me. I needed that guidance to help with my next steps and I can now see a brighter future.

Truly recommended.

Amazon customer

Book review

Thank you so much for all your support and guidance for both my husband and me. You have been extremely helpful with all the techniques you have used and the tools you have given us to be able to move on in our relationship and build a more fulfilling life together and as individuals.

The world seems a better place now. We both would highly recommend you to anyone that is facing difficulties with an addict.


Book review

Grabs your attention from the start all the way to the end.  All the steps needed to improve your life for the better and forever.

So glad I found this book.

Katie U (Amazon customer)

Book review

I was that person once, struggling every day to support my dad, friend, partner, spouse, family member. Each day would be the same; how would they come home?

I could always smell it first, always that same smell, same look, same aggression, same attitude. It used to make me instantly anxious about whether they were in a happy or sad mood after their 8 pints, a packet of cocaine or a joint. Even if the internet played up, it would have an impact on how their day went – then there was the constant eating and the need for sugar.


Book review

Now, I don’t live like that as I am not consumed by the person’s behaviour anymore. I have learnt how to identify my true life purpose and what makes me truly happy.

I have learnt to identify and work with emotions, fear, stress, anxiety, sadness, hurt and anger. This has allowed me to live a positive and more fulfilled life.

Would you like to start living a more fulfilled life?



I'm proud to be a member of the ANLP, the TLTA and the RSPH.


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